Dramatically Extend the Life of Your Food!

It’s time to stop throwing away food just after purchase because of spoilage, odors, and concerns over food poisoning.

 - Maryann Tomovich Jacobsen, MS, RD - Maryann Tomovich Jacobsen, MS, RDRaise Healthy Eaters
  I've been using it for about a month....... My strawberries last longer.! ∝  "
- Roger Wahlberg  - Roger Wahlberg
 This is a fantastic generator of O3!!! Love it. Especially how it wipes out odors. I have bought another one for my friend. Keep up the good work. "
- Better Business Bereau: BBB- Better Business Bereau: BBB
BBB on CareFridge: On a scale of A+ to F  -- A --Factors that raised CareFridge's rating include:--- The length of time business has been operating: Since 2012.---  No complaints filed with BBB --- Zero (0), None! "
- Martha A.   - Martha A.
 CareFridge keeps my lettuce and cabbage fresh for a month!  It really does eliminate odor! "   Sunny Florida    
- Helen Whitmer- Helen Whitmer
I bought my first one at the Atlanta Home Show WOW!!! I ordered 7 more of your CareFridges as gifts.  They arrived FAST!!!  Thanks again for the batteries as well! "
 - Dr. Barbara Roberts - Dr. Barbara RobertsHealthy Eating On The Run
I absolutely love your product! I bought 2 then ordered 6 more to gift this Christmas. P.S. I  wrote an article about Carefridge.I suggest buying one for those who  "have everything already" or those who "don't need anything else."Many of us have those types on our lists. The gift of good health is always ongoing. ...
 - Titus Eubanks - Titus Eubanks
We just wanted to tell you thanks. My girlfriend and I have really been enjoying the Carefridge and how long it keeps our bulk produce purchases fresh.... long enough for us to eat it. "
- Yadi Gyles- Yadi Gyles
I was surprised that something so small can make such a big difference... I love it.. CareFridge changed the smell in my fridge in a matter of hours..Thank You! "
- Mrs.P Lyle- Mrs.P Lyle
Absolutely love this refrigerator sanitizer. Very effective. It leaves your refrigerator smelling fresh. No more food odors! I just love it. "       Atlanta GA.

03 is Nature's Detergent

CareFridge™ Active All Natural 03.
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NO Harsh Chemicals

Ozone replaces sanitizing agents like chlorine.
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Save Money & Reduce Waste

Produce lasts longer with O3 circulating your fridge.
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Faster & Stronger

3,000 times faster acting and 50% stronger than bleach.
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Kills Viruses & Bacteria

Prevent food-borne poisoning & illnesses
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History of Health

O3 has long been used in sterilization & medical therapies.
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Have you ever wondered why all of the produce in the grocery store always looks so perfect… until you get it home? Turns out that “water” that sprays on the produce is infused with All Natural Liquid Activated Oxygen O3 (Ozone) to keep it in optimum shape until purchased.